Translator and Traveler Mayumi Murase

Love languages.

I was involved in translation and international business for 14 years.

Translation is an art to connect people in heart.

I do translation for people to explore and enjoy the world.



Live up to your potential

Your unique talent

The only one service in this world

The product you started and spent time with love

The dream you never give up

Beyond the barriers of languages, cultures and mind

My mission of translation is to support people to enjoy the world from the bottom of the heart.



Heart to heart

Your passion not written

Your thoughts between the line

Tell your story word by word

Connect people

By translation 

"Widen your world"



Mayumi Murase

Translator and Traveler
Traveling the world from 5 years old.

Homestay in New Zealand in high school.

Graduated from School of Law, Waseda University.

Exchange to Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Joined Trust Bank and involved international business for over 10 years.
In charge of foreign companies, international branches, and translation project.
Started Atelier of Words, translation and international business support in 2021.
TOEIC 955, Twins mum and love stationaries.



Atelier of Words

Mayumi Kagotani

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Contact link is as follows